Client Testimonials

"Thank you very much for helping me with my situation. I appreciate it very much. It seems like now that I am trying to pick up the pieces to my life, no one wants to help out. This disaster has changed me forever. I only hope that the one million+ people in my situation can get help like I am getting with ADR. We all need an extended hand right now".

Thank you so much, Aaron- Louisiana

"My most rewarding experience was working with you as my customer service representative. You are truly an example for what customer service is. Thank you for your prompt attention to all my matters and following up with everything that I have asked. It was more than a pleasure working with you. I will tell my friends about your program and hope that you are assigned as their representative".

Sandra- Scottsdale,Georgia

"Consolidating my debt with ADR has been a very fulfilling experience so far. Every month when I look at my statements and see that they are some $1200 and $400 less than they were a year ago, a feeling of peace and accomplishment comes over me. It feels good to be finally getting my debt under control. Thank you so much for helping me achieve that".

Danielle- Austin, Texas

"I recently completed the course work and sent you my answers last week. Thank you for the opportunity- I learned a lot- especially about buying a home which is a goal of mine down the road".

Kristi – Steamboat, Colorado

"As always, your service is outstanding".

Don – Scranton, Pennsylvania

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your assistance in paying off my accounts. It seems like a long time ago when I was on the verge of bankruptcy, but the years have gone by amazingly fast. I appreciate the fact that throughout my program, my credit rating was not adversely affected and I was even able to purchase a home last year".

Cheryl – Eastman, GA

"For more than 2 years my credit accounts were being handled by a debt consolidation agency based in Florida. I was very unsatisfied with the service they provided me and therefore withdrew from the program. Not only did I have problems with them paying my bills on time, but also I could rarely reach anyone by phone when I needed to. Because of this experience, I developed a very tainted image of debt consolidation but knew something had to be done to get myself out of debt. I did my research and stumbled upon American Debt Resources. Your counselor changed my attitude, she is extremely courteous and helpful. You have worked very diligently to process my paperwork. I was kept informed and since joining, my payments have been sent to my creditors consistently and on time. Thanks to you, I am on my way to being debt free".

Jason – Bakersfield, California

"Thank you for taking the time to follow up with us. It exemplifies your commitment to the overall financial success of your clients".

Christina – Marysville, Washington

"As you can see from the enclosed statement, our debt is almost satisfied. I am grateful for your assistance in this matter and wanted to express that to you. My dealings with American Debt Resources have been a positive experience".

Carol – Huntington, New York

American Debt Resources, Inc.

A Non-Profit Debt Management and Housing Counseling Organization

Providing consumers with tailored plans suited to meet their specific financial goals. Our mission is to provide consumers with the knowledge necessary to make sound financial decisions and to avoid detrimental situations.

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