Housing Counseling

Housing Counseling Services

A good place to start your journey down the path to homeownership is to understand the terms associated with the process of purchasing and owning a home. If you are considering buying a home for the first time pay close attention to the definitions below. These are terms that you will hear throughout the process communicated by attorneys, mortgage professionals, real estate agents, etc. Show them that you're are an educated consumer and they will treat you as such.

The United State Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides support to a nationwide network of Housing Counseling Agencies (HCA) and counselors. HCA's are trained and approved to provide tools to current and prospective homeowners, existing homeowners and renters so that they can make responsible choices to address their housing needs in light of their financial situations.

Housing Counseling Services cover many different aspects of homeownership. A HUD approved Housing Counseling agency can provide you with guidance throughout the many stages. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home or are having difficulties managing your mortgage a Housing Counselor can help you understand your options. Housing Counselors are trained to understand your situation and provide helpful solutions.  

American Debt Resources, Inc.

A Non-Profit Debt Management and Housing Counseling Organization

Providing consumers with tailored plans suited to meet their specific financial goals. Our mission is to provide consumers with the knowledge necessary to make sound financial decisions and to avoid detrimental situations.

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