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Our professional staff of certified credit counselors has been trained to act as a liaison between you and your creditors. Over the years we have developed and maintained relationships with your creditors that allows our office to receive numerous benefits on your behalf. 

Our debt management programs, often referred as credit card debt consolidation, are designed to alleviate the burden and unnecessary expense of handling debts on your own. We understand that your finances are a big element of your life, and at times can seem very overwhelming and frustrating. American Debt Resources, Inc. will help you ease the burden and allow you to focus your valuable time on other aspects of your life.

As your payment arrives each month our office will promptly distribute the funds to your respective creditors. Unlike other agencies, our office disburses client funds on a daily basis rather than once a month. This is done to avoid unnecessary late fees that may occur by missing creditor due dates. Each month you will continue to receive your monthly statements from your creditors, which will indicate the arrival of your payment as well as the newly adjusted interest rates. 

Your financial information will be kept strictly confidential and only your creditors with the proper authorization will be able to access it. The only thing we want you to be concerned with is that you make your monthly payment on time so we can promptly distribute it to your creditors.

The benefits extended by your creditors to our office carry interest rates that are usually lower than what a conventional bank offers on a personal debt consolidation loan. In addition, our debt management program does not take your credit score into consideration as a condition for enrollment. We have found that many clients, before enrolling on our debt management program, were unable to obtain a debt consolidation loan from a bank because of a high debt- to-income ratio, a derogatory credit report, or insufficient equity in their homes. Our agency will assist anyone who has the determination to become debt free regardless of homeownership or credit. 

To learn more about our credit counselor services contact our office today at 1-800-498-0766 ext 190 and speak with a certified credit counselor or complete our online form and request to be contacted. 


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