American Debt Resources, Inc is an accredited credit counseling agency using the British Standard Institution's ISO 9001:2008 Standard. BSI is the world's first national standards body, and a founding member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), BSI facilitated and published the first commercial standards to address quality management systems.

What it Means?

The international Organization for Standardization(ISO) originally created its ISO 9001 Standards in an effort to standardize quality management systems for manufacturing and service industries worldwide. The registration process helps build a strong management foundation by standardizing processes, systems, and quality procedures for accuracy, efficiency, and consistency, Although ISO standards do not guarantee better products and services, an enhanced management system will translate into advantages for our customers.

Continuous Improvement 

The ISO standards are based on continuous improvement. Therefore, even after a company receives its certificate, quality audits continue. Following our initial assessment, we are visited once every 12 months to ensure the quality system is being maintained, improved, and corrected as needed. ADR, has taken the appropriate steps to implement and maintain a well documented quality management system that insures consistency and the constant improvement of our working practices.

Our clients expect a certain level of service, quality, and expertise, and ISO registration is a universally accepted, tangible expression of our commitment to meet and exceed their needs. If you have any questions about our ISO registration and what it means for you, please contact our office.


The successful implementation and monthly maintenance of a debt management program is a shared responsibility. You want to ensure that the agency you share this responsibility with will support your program professionally and efficiently.